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AStri Audio


The key factors in the foundation of AStri in 2004 are passion for music, experience and know-how.

Astri Audio

C3 Astri Audio  Diffusori C3 in ambiente 72

AStri Audio C3

A dynamic team of professionals collaborate to make today’s company successful:

– General Manager Mr. Alberto Sabbatini, AStri inventor, founder and promoter. Experienced Marketing Consultant for Car and PA world leading companies, with a passion for music, woodwork and industrial design;

C2.2 Astri Audio Le C2.2 in una sala d'ascolto 72

AStri Audio Le C2.2 in a listening room

- acoustic R&D Manager Mr. Giuliano Nicoletti, a well-known speaker designer, experienced in analysis systems as Klippel, Mls, Clio and FEM modeling.

C2.2 Astri Audio Particolare delle C2.2 72

AStri Audio, detail of model C2.2

- a well-experienced hi-fi products designer, who supervises mechanical design, engineering and industrialization, by using the ultimate CAD-CAM softwares;

C2 Astri Audio Il modello da stand C 2 72

AStri Audio stand model C 2 72

- a Quality Control Manager who guarantees a correct step-by-step procedure management from the start to the final output;

C2 Astri Audio  Particolare della base delle C2.2SE e della morsettiera 72

AStri Audio, C2.2SE – detail of the base

- two qualified technicians, who check every stage of manufacturing and assembly with the utmost craftsmanlike care, efficiency and skill.

Astri Audio  Sistema H.T. Astri e correttori Qt line 72

 AStri Audio  H.T. System AStri and Qt line

A3 Astri Audio Le A3 in ambiente 72

AStri Audio Le A3 in a living room


The company is located in Belforte del Chienti (MC) – Italy, within an old-standing artisan area.


AStri has established effective partnerships with diverse successful Italian companies: design agencies, woodworkers, speaker manufacturers, craftsman workshops and machine shops, all sharing a passion for quality. We are proud to label each and every product from AStri as “Hand made in Italy”.


 A1 Astri Audio Il modello entry level Astri A 1 72

AStri Audio, entry level loudspeakers AStri A

AStri was founded for those who want no-compromise technical specification and want to be the owners of an outstanding object of art of unrivalled design and emotion.

 Diffusori Astri e pannelli di correzione acustica Qt line 72

 AStri loudspeakers and acoustic panels orrection

Linearity, efficiency and power are just some of the key factors needed to catch the smallest nuances of sound reproduction. Naturalness, instrumental presence, environmental rebuilding and the full immersion into the acoustic scene are also a must. AStri performs this magic and meets these needs in full observance of the “…no limits emotion…” concept.

 C3 Astri Audio  Coppia di C3 durante una mostra 72

 AStri Audio C3 playing in a fair

Location and structure of the work area, and machines that allow precise constructive standards are important  to obtain quality products.

Astri Audio  Sabbatini al controllo di ogni pezzo 72

AStri Audio.  Sabbatini controls each item

C3 Astri Audio  Fasi di lavorazione delle C3 72

AStri Audio.  Work Processing of C3

C3 Astri Audio  Cross Over delle C3 72

 AStri Audio.  C3 Cross Over 

Astri Audio Fasi di lavorazione delle Aries 72

AStri Audio. Aries work processing

Astri Audio  Tecnico Astri al lavoro 72

AStri’s engeneer at work

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