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Gold Note


Gold Note is one of the 50 most reliable and prolific hi fi brands in the world. It is the only Italian company, and one of the few in the world, with a complete catalog of high-end products, from the head to the speaker, cables and accessories included.

Logo Gold Note 72

 Gold Note Testine 3 Tipologie


 Gold Note Lettore CD Diamond Line-CD Favard Anniversary 72

CD Player Diamond Line-CD Favard Anniversary

Gold Note Lettore CD Classic Line-CD Koala Anniversary 72

CD Player Classic Line-CD Koala Anniversary

 Gold Note Integrato Diamond Line-Demidoff Anniversary-Integrato 72

Integrated Amplifier Diamond Line-Demidoff Anniversary

Gold Note Integrato  Diamond Line-Demidoff integrato-Retro 72

Integrated Amplifier  Diamond Line-Demidoff

Gold Note Integrato Diamond Line-Integrato-Demidoff Signature Anniversary 72

Integrated Amplifier Diamond Line-Integrato-Demidoff Signature Anniversary

Gold Note Giradischi Mod. Valore 72

 Gold Note Giradischi Valore 72

Turntable Valore

Gold Note can put its experience, reliability and production at the disposal of the most demanding audiophiles and of the most enterprising international dealers or distributors.

These are the company’s main characteristics:

-100% designed and made in Italy (Florence, Tuscany). Only in the last years Gold Note, better known abroad than in Italy, has decided to appear again in the Italian market. It has decided to invest in its development with the new areas Marketing, Adertisement, Commercial and Design and with the almost complete aesthetic and functional renewal of 90% of its products within 2013

- typical Italian design: rare types of wood, precious and colored leather, and more

- direction board of professional engineers

- more than twenty years of corporate history

- innovation from the very beginning with products such as Midas (tube damper resonator), Bellavista (the first methacrylate record player) and DSS (the first Liquid Music streamer)

- about 250 reviews/tests in the international press

- product lines from top entry level to ultra high-end, such as Favard, a CD player, with 14 separated power sources and Bellagio Conquest, the newborn record player priced at € 48.000

- high-end integrated projects: “from the screw to the package”

- Mirror-Amp™ circuit amplifiers solid state single ended without condensers or resistors on a signal path for the maximun sound purity

- high performance multi-way loudspeakers, with simple and “in tune” crossovers and differentiated resonance marine multilayer cabinet to obtain the maximum musicality in the simplicity typical of the real musical instruments

- authentic pure silver cables, isolated in oil solid core and endowed with active battery-powered grounding system. The quality of the materials and the project idea determine the final price

- from-order-to-delivery time of 48/72 hours for the Micro/Classic lines

- from-order-to-delivery time of 3/4 weeks for the completely handmade Diamond line

- unique Italian manufacturer with a complete catalog: from the analog/digital sources to the speakers, including cables and accessories

- luxury brand of the Akamai Group, the international OEM manufacturer specialized in high-end audio projects.

Gold Note Giradischi Bellagio II

Gold Note Giradischi Bellavista Signature 72

Gold Note Turntable Bellavista Signature

Gold Note Bracci

Gold Note Braccio U312_Medium-Unipivot

Gold Note Tonearm U312 Medium-Unipivot

Micro Line

Gold Note Micro Line-Pre - HP 7 72

Gold Note Micro Line-Pre – HP 7

Gold Note Micro Line-Pre-HP 7 retro

Gold Note Micro Line-Pre-HP 7 – back

Gold Note Micro Line-Integrato-AP-7 72

Gold Note Micro Line AP-7

Gold Note Micro Line-Fin. Mono-M-7 72

Gold Note Micro Line Mono-M-7

Gold Note Micro Line-DAC-7 72

Gold Note Micro Line-DAC-7

Gold Note Micro Line-Pre Phono - PH 7 retro

Gold Note Micro Line-Pre Phono – PH 7 

  Video – Italian Style Gold Note

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