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Import Audio

Import Audio

Import Audio is a new Italian business whose aim is to propose technological and musical high quality items.


Its founding member is a long-experienced orchestral player and an audiophile. He wants to share his passion for high quality listening through loudspeakers and electronic devices which are the result of a long research. His purpose is to offer a wide proposal of special and completely Italian equipments.

 Import Audio King Audio mod. Prince in ambiente 72

Import Audio Prince

As for loudspeakers, the company’s designer adopts King Sound electrostatic systems. They will soon be accurately reviewed in our specialized magazine.

 Import Audio Logo A.A.S.


A.A.S. Apparecchiature Audio Scientifiche (Audio-Scientific Equipments) is a company located in Bologna, and produces amplifier systems. It also produces a line preamplifier, a monophonic amplifier and a stereophonic amplifier.

Import Audio Preamplificatore M1

Import Audio Preamplificatore M1


The preamplifier, called M1, is made of a hybrid preamplification transistor valve circuit. This circuit emphasizes the qualities of the Single-End triode. In fact, it creates isolation and avoids loading from being disturbed. Furthermore, the volume regulator is placed at the end of the circuit so that it can guarantee the respect of any detail and ambience micro-information present in the musical signal.

 Import Audio Tutte le elettroniche 72

Great attention is given to the research of materials, in order to achieve the best final quality, as well as to the respect of all those production details leading to the output of an excellent quality item.

Import Audio finale mono M 200 72

Import Audio finale mono M 200

The amplifying circuit has been developed searching the best possible distribution with any system of loudspeakers, thanks to the use of a high frequency alimentation able to guarantee real power much higher than 8 and 4 Ohm.

Import Audio Pre e finale stereo da 50 watt p.c. 72

Import Audio Pre e finale stereo da 50 watt

Musical satisfaction, respect of the input signal and basic requirement have never been disregarded: “Hi-Fi means faithfulness to music, as its main target. Our stereo system must only be a means to get it”.


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