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It was spring 1990 when Musical Stones were mentioned for the first time in an article published in Audio Review. They were defined as “the fabulous sound stones”.

musical stone Rock01 20

musical stone Rock02 20

After twenty-three years of production, with just some interruptions, Musical Stones introduces itself to the most important national and international expositions (e.g. the Hi End in Munich) with two loudspeakers: Pietra, a model to be placed on a stand, and Aria, to be placed on the floor. They have all the features to place themselves at the top of the market.

 musical stone Aria 72



As far as the artistic producing of acoustic loudspeakers, Mr Mario Giovanni Urbano, the designer, has always been convinced that the cabinet has to be completely resonance-free to avoid vibrations, and consequently, sound variations. For this reason he has always adopted stones and metals to produce cabinets and loudspeakers’ basis. The latter are provided with excellent spikes tied up with particular multithreaded nuts.

MusicalStone Pietra


However, such undeniable technical features never damage the aesthetics. That’s why skilled handcraft-men choose and work the finest quality stone. They give an image of defined elegance and an additional value to these products which demonstratehigh handicraft and Italian style. This is just one of the Musical Stones’ production aspects.

MusicalStone mid woofwe Seas 72

 Woofwer Seas

MusicalStone Tweeter Scan Speak su Pietra 72

Pietra. Tweeter Scan Speak

This brand focuses the attention on excellent components and on a perfect crossover realisation, as well as on transducers’ choice : Seas for low/medium frequencies and Scan Speak for the high ones, both of them have high quality standards.

MusicalStone Particolare base

Aria – Particular of the base

Base MusicalStones


These loudspeakers are refined in shape and have a precious essence and a perfect sound reproduction. They can provide a high level of timbre neutrality which leads to an extreme sound naturalness. Scenic and dynamic recreation have the same quality level.

MusicalStone Risposta in ambiente Pietra 72

Environment response 

MusicalStone Pannelli Aria 72

 Side panels

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