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Suprem Audio


Suprem Audio is an Italian brand that has a line of products in the catalog class HiEnd.

With the mind in Rome and the manufacturing arm in Milan, Suprem Audio loves vacuum tubes, but it puts the same  care infused in their amplifiers also in the cables.

Suprem Audio Legend Power

Suprem Audio Legend Power

Sturdy construction and quality components: the “red thread” that binds the production of this company (integrated amplifiers, amplifiers, preamplifiers and cables). The Prestige, for example, certainly does not skimp on the transformer, by mounting one from 700VA and resin-encapsulated (such as those installed by Suprem Audio).

The AutoPower is a patent of Suprem Audio, it is a circuit for adjusting the Bias and that optimizes the performance of thermionic valves of Russian manufacture choosen for these amplifiers (KT88).

Integrated Amplifier Suprem Audio Prestige with valves KT88

Integrated Amplifier Suprem Audio Prestige with valves KT88

In all electronic equipment, electrolytic capacitors used are the emblazoned Kendeil, famous for their very low ESR.

All the electronics by Suprem Audio are kept by an aluminum chassis made ​​with numeric control (CNC) machines of great precision and front panels – brushed and anodised aluminum – are very generous thick (100/10).


Suprem Audio Legend Color Serie

The Legend Power is a valves amplifier. Construction, aesthetics and sound are of absolute reference and constitute a point of arrival after more than thirty years of experience and research. On the signal path, Wima polypropylene capacitors give transparency, detail, focus and stability of image and ambience of a higher category.


Suprem Audio Evolution Bronze, gold plated cable


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