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Aqua Acoustic Quality La Scala MKII

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Aqua Acoustic La Scala MKII is out. Finally, the italian DAC  is in the stores; it has some technical improvements that make it even more exciting music listening in HD.

Aqua Acoustic Quality is a company based in Milan and proudly Italian. Since 2010 it was internationally hailed by audiences and the press for their exceptional sonic characteristics of its DAC La Scala, now upgraded in the MKII version.

La Scala MKII improve the accuracy of its digital circuits and in its “heart” beats the DFD, a decoding system without digital filters capable of ensuring purity and precision to the digital signal.

But it’s not enough. Aqua Acoustic Quality La Scala MKII has an heat valve amplification with single-stage valve / MOSFET directly committed with a bias to the LED. It use ECC81 valves in triode mode at high frequency and the connection to the MOSFET makes it easier, with a great frequency response, speed of response, lack of roll-off, low impedance, the absence of feedback and distortion to the limit of measurable.

Aqua specifies the valves are long-term type, with an estimated life of 10,000 hours.


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