HiFi Italian Style


Who is who about HiFi Italyan Style staff



Bruno Fazzini, Editorial Director
Since 1994 he has been a reviewer for the magazine Fedeltà del Suono, covering the role of Coordinator of editors, handling the test room and pre-testing each device. He’s distributing and selling HiFi items as Sophos HiEnd, located in Viterbo. In December 2012 he has published the book HiFi Forever.



Massimo Piantini, Technical Director
He has always loved music and HiFi and since more than years he has an own label producing CD audiophile and File Master in HD. In the nineties, he worked with Be Yamamura on products entered the history as the HiFi loudspeaker horn Dionisio. He designed and built with his brand MaxResearch the INTERFACE, audio and video player at the highest quality levels and riding a proprietary software.



Carlo Capitta, Advisor
Historic signature of HiFI Italian publishing, he worked for Suono and Stereoplay, he founded Stereoguida and for about twenty years has been the Director of Direct Reflections, Bose’s house organ. He also collaborated with Il Messaggero, Panorama, L’Europeo and some local TV stations. Since 2009 he is the director of AnnuarioAudio.it and in March of 2012 he co-founded, together with Massimo Garofalo, QuotidianoAudio.it. Always with Garofalo, is the organizer of the fair PrimaverAudio.



Massimo Garofalo, Webmaster, Marketing & Communication
HiFi addicted since he was a teenager, Massimo Garofalo believe that the music comes first in technology and listening quality. Since 2002 is a digital publisher (RockShock.itEdizioniRockshock.itQuotidianoAudio.it) and an enthusiastic of digital music in HD, topic of which is about to publish an handbook. He’s co-author too of Audio Highlights Vol. 1 and he’s working as marketing & communication consultant and teacher. With Carlo Capitta, he’s the organizer of the fair PrimaverAudio.


Bartolomeo Aloia

Fulvio Chiappetta

Claudio Delle Monache, Technical Editor
Passionate about music and music playback since more than 30 years, he gained experience in HiFi thanks to the accurate knowledge of many audio products, both in valve technology that solid state.

Massimiliano Dragoni

Vanni Marchetti, Technical Editor
Since he’s young age, it’s possible to define Vanni Marchetti a geek (talking today’s language), an HiTech and HiFi enthusiastic. He worked for Blue Press writing about domotic (Casa HiTech), moving to audio assembly and starting to work as project manager for Costruire HiFI, organizing the CHF National Contest from 2008 to until 2013.

Andio Morotti, Editor
The signature Andio Morotti indicates a small group listening composed by Andrea Morandi and Claudio Mazzotti, each of which has, of course, its own HiFi equipment. The advantage of working in pairs is to be able to continuously compare while you judge, the condition is to have taste and judgment criteria very similar.

Barbara Pasqualini, Music Editor
Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Tuscia in 2004, he earned a PhD in “Genetics and Cell Biology.” To his credit has a scientific publication about epigenetics. Later it returned to its atavistic love, literature, publishing in 2012 his debut novel: “All’alba, una pioggia di stelle”, published by Albatros. She’s releasing her second novel. She studied (and she’s still studing) history of music.

Giulio Salvioni, Audio Engineering Expert
Graduated in Architecture in 1987 and PhD from the University La Sapienza in Rome, he is involved in research and teaching in technology Architecture, subject on which he has written numerous texts. Since 2008 he collaborates with the magazine Fedeltà del Suono as a reviewer and an expert in audio technology.